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Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt - in Black Lace and she often wore revealing outfits, including on one memorable occasion wearing a short miniskirt while doing the laundry

Helen Hunt starred for years as Jamie Buchman, the wife of Paul Reiser's Paul Buchman on "Mad about You". In later years on the show, she became the mother of daughter Mabel.

Helen started out oddly enough as a child star, playing Roberta on "Swiss Family Robinson". She continued to play minor roles, and started getting starring roles, such as playing a high school girl turned quarterback in "Quarterback Princess". Her big break, however, was her role on "Mad About You", which propelled her into the spotlight. On the show, she often wore revealing outfits, including on one memorable occasion wearing a short miniskirt while doing the laundry, then leaning over and giving viewers a quick up skirt shot. Pictures of this moment and more are available on this site.

Her first real nude scene, however, came in the movie "The Waterdance". As the girlfriend of a paraplegic, in one scene she attempts to have sex with him. We get to see Helen's bare breasts and nipples, as well as great shots of her bare buns. Far and away, this was the best Helen Hunt nude scene ever.

Luckily, it doesn't end there. In her big Oscar-winning role in "As Good as it Gets", Helen has a brief "almost" nude scene getting her portrait painted by Greg Kinnear. She shows fleeting glances of her bare breasts and buns. Of course, pictures of this scene are available on this site.

More recently, Helen was spotted on her Honeymoon with husband Hank Azaria by Paparazzi. She was in a small swimsuit, and surprised onlookers when she turned around and showed off that it was only a thong! Her luscious bare buns were revealed to the world, and they looked a lot better than they did in her "Waterdance" nude scene years earlier. It seems that age has filled her out nicely. Of course, many pictures of this moment are available on this site.

Luckily for us, Helen is likely to do more nude scenes in the future. You can be sure that we'll be there to catch her when she does. There are a total of 186 pictures of Helen Hunt on this site, including 58 nude shots (bare buns, bare breasts), 16 shots in her underwear (up skirt), 5 bathing suit pictures, and 107 assorted sexy pictures.

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