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Lori Loughlin

Lori Laughlin - risque, ready for action lovely who wears tight panties! Lori Louglin Lori starred for 7 years as Becky Donaldson, the sexy girlfriend of the character played by John Stamos. Later in the show, they married and had kids, making Lori one of the sexiest moms on TV.

Her character was very sweet and gentle, and heck, so was the whole show. However, she did get to show off her body a little in tight, although not necessarily risqué, outfits on the show. Plenty of pictures of Lori in these types of outfits are available on this site.
Lori's movie career began in the seldom seen teen-flick "Secret Admirer", starring as the girl next door to C. Thomas Howell's character. As in all these teen-flicks, she eventually gets the guy. The movie had plenty of nude scenes for Kelly Preston, who later went on to become Mrs. John Travolta, but alas the best Lori could muster was an underwear scene, showing off her great legs and some of her buns in tight panties. Of course, we've got pics of this inside.

Since the demise of "Full House", Lori hasn't been too busy. She guest starred on HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show" and wore are very low cut blouse. Pictures of this moment are available on this site. However, she really hasn't appeared in much else since then.

Will Lori ever do a true nude scene? It's hard to tell. She has never shown a willingness to take off her clothes, so I doubt it. Who knows what the gods of celebrity nudity will bring, though. On this site there are a total of 35 shots of Lor Loughlin, including 15 shots in her underwear (bra, panties, etc.), 7 bathing suit pictures, and 13 assorted sexy pictures.